Events 2018

April 26 – 29     Weekend Among Friends in Tuscany: A Tribute to Uncertainty

How can organizations and individuals transform themselves so that they can become as subtle, sensitive, intelligent and fast-responding as the world around them? (David Peat, 2010)

We are all familiar with setting goals and making action plans to realize them. We plan to move, to find a new job, to do better in our friendships or to quit our bad habits. Organisations also strive to implement certainty by setting and evaluating objectives to score success. We are accustomed to circles of planning and control and almost naturally analyse causes of failure and success to predict how to do better next time.

We all know life is not that linear, not that singular, nor that predictable. Life is subtle, sensitive and dynamic. We are related to each other and our environment in many ways. We are interdependent beings, communities, and organisations in an interconnected world. To adequately respond to the economic, ecological, social and personal trouble we face in the world around us, we need to understand and act upon its intertwined, co-creative and manifold nature. This Weekend Among Friends, we pay a tribute to uncertainty, as a basic tenet that might open pathways of organizing that are intelligent, responsible and contributing to nature, people and purpose.


July 12 – 16     Exploring Synchronicity: Jung, Pauli and the I Ching with Shantena Augusto Sabbadini and Cruz Manas Sabbadini

The term “synchronicity” was coined by Jung and refers to those meaningful coincidences in which outer circumstances reflect in surprising ways the inner process of the person involved, sometimes with life transforming implications.

In this seminar we will investigate synchronicity both  as an interpretative principle and as a psychological experience through the actual consultation of the oracle. We will use the Eranos I Ching, an innovative translation by the sinologist Rudolf Ritsema and myself, the fruit of fifty years of research by my co-author and a decade of Round Table Sessions at the Eranos East-West study centre, founded under Jung’s supervision in 1933.




September 6 – 12     Exploring the Mystery of Time with Julian Barbour, Mauro Bergonzi, Warwick Fox, Christopher Hauke, Alison MacLeod, James Peat Barbieri, Hester Reeve, Shantena Sabbadini, David Schrum and Gordon Shippey

What is time? It is at the same time what is closest to us and the deepest mystery. So close we cannot step outside it and watch it from a distance. And actually, when we attempt to do so, the  notion of time itself seems to fade away, to dissolve into timelessness, where past, present and future merge into an eternal instant.

In this Pari Dialogue we will plumb the mystery of time from different perspectives: art, science, psychology, literature, mystical experience. Our aim will not be so much to try to answer the impossible question, as to awaken to the awesome fact of the transient, terrible, marvelous, phenomenon that is life itself.



October 4 – 8       Pilgrimages to Emptiness: Rethinking Reality through Quantum Physics with Shantena Sabbadini

This seminar is an invitation to wonder and be grateful for the adventure of life and for the mystery of which we are part. We and the world are expressions of the same creativity of existence, waves in the ocean of consciousness. Embracing our oceanic nature is the way to find peace on an individual and a collective level.


October 16 – 19     Seminar