Who We Are

Who We Are

We are people who feel a special connection to Pari—to its community living a traditional rural life; to the beauty and tranquility of its medieval village; to its deep relationship to the land and landscape. At the same time, we are an evolving international group of individuals and groups who are looking for a more authentic, holistic and harmonious way of living. We invite people and organizations looking for ways to transform themselves by working towards inclusive and co-creative ways of living and working, to share their paths of exploration in and with Pari and the Pari Networks.

Pari Networks represents diversity by connecting local tradition and renewal, science and art, entrepreneurship and society. Pari Networks aims to enable people, organizations, ideas and expressions from different origins to meet, to work on each other’s and their own development.

Pari networks emerged from three founders exchanging their ideas, networks and intertwining their backgrounds, creations and expertise.

In a world that often seems beset by confusion and conflict, Pari remains a peaceful haven offering a place to pause and reflect on the nature of our rapidly changing societies, our values, and the possibilities the future might hold.

Here in Pari, our international Networks and the village people come together:

  • to tell our stories
  • to share knowledge and learn from each other
  • to ask questions—questions open a door; questions create energy
  • to talk on a human, personal level—not simply to indulge in abstract ideas
  • to be part of an ongoing conversation across disciplines and cultures
  • to encourage creativity that lies in revisiting the past and renewing and recreating for the present and future
  • to develop new ways of living, working and organizing that contribute to social justice, ecological integrity and improved quality of life for all

We believe that all participants in the Pari Networks bring something of great value. All are worthy of respect. All contribute. If you or your group are seeking new challenges and directions, if you wish to explore new ways of being, if you are eager to be part of a like-minded community and form new relationships and partnerships, then we invite you to join us, the Pari Networks, an oasis of hope in a turbulent world.