Founding Members

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”
Margaret Mead

godelieve promotieGodelieve Spaas is a regular guest in Pari; to write, to participate in dialogues and to follow and give courses. She is a researcher, advisor and creator of new ways of entrepreneurial organizing where ecology, society, and the economy all benefit from and interact seamlessly with each other. Her aim is to increase diversity in organizational and entrepreneurial models and realities with a view to the development of a fairer, more sustainable and robust entrepreneurial space. By sharing yet unheard stories and walking untrodden paths, we allow interdependent systems to reveal themselves, to be identified and interpreted and to become a platform for action in everyday organizational reality.

Working in Europe and Africa, with companies, NGOs as well as governments, deepened her insight into how to combine worlds that are often separated such as art, science, indigenous knowledge, nature and entrepreneurship.

Genny Rabazzi grew up in Casal di Pari, the next hilltop village to Pari, and is now a Pari resident. She has a degree in Literature and Philosophy from the University of Siena and is now working on her M.A. Genny has many years of experience in the hotel industry. She has a close connection to the land and is very active with local organizations in promoting festivities and cultural events. She decided to stay in the region, instead of leaving like so many of her peers. She believes that the rich tradition of her origins can be inspirational to others in seeking renewal and reflection. At the same time, she hopes the activities of Pari Networks in cooperation with the people and organizations in the Networks, will inspire the local community on its paths of progress in new entrepreneurial and societal initiatives.

“The feeling of being immersed in a landscape that is on a human scale, and the immediate engagement with nature and a traditional way of life, is what I would like to convey to all those who, by chance or by choice, will come to know and love Pari.”

Eleanor Peat, originally from Canada, has been living in Pari for 18 years. She has been running courses and international conferences at the Pari Center for New Learning since 2000 and is very involved in the local community. She is Managing Director of Pari Publishing, a publishing house specializing in science, religion, psychology, and society. As a global citizen she has experienced the value of cultural variety in her personal development. Understanding different ways of living has made her a very engaged and compassionate woman wanting to share the value of diversity in development processes.

“My job is to ensure that people enjoy a comfortable and rewarding stay in Pari. Along with Genny, I do the groundwork for meetings and events, welcome visitors to the village, and take good care of them while they are here. I worked in public relations and the hospitality industry for many years and this is where I feel my skills lie. I’m a people-person, never happier than when I’m looking after people.”