This acclaimed comedy isn’t out in the UK and film fans are upset

Film fans are eagerly awaiting news about when this teen comedy will be arriving in the UK

A much-anticipated new high school comedy film has no signs of a UK release date, much to the disappointment of film fans.

Bottoms – which stars Rachel Sennott (who also co-wrote the film) and Ayo Edebiri of The Bear – premiered at South by Southwest festival in March, which was followed by a US cinema release in August.

The film is the second feature from Shiva Baby writer-director Emma Seligman, which starred Sennott as a bisexual Jewish woman who runs into a sugar daddy while at a shiva with her parents.


Bottoms follows two lesbian friends and outcasts who start a fight club in an attempt to lose their virginity to the cheerleaders they have crushes on.

However, despite the critical success of Bottoms – scoring 93 and 90 per cent in critic and audience scores on Rotten Tomatoes, respectively – there appears to be no UK theatrical release date at present.

“Can we at least get a uk release date for bottoms i’m tireddd,” one X/Twitter user lamented. “Still no UK release date for Bottoms and I swear I’m gonna start rioting,” another said.

“Frantically googling ‘bottoms uk release date’ every other date,” a third wrote. “I know MANY can relate.

You can check out some more fan reactions to film’s absence in the UK below.


Some reports have claimed that viewers can expect Bottoms to arrive on streaming this November, meaning the film may not hit cinemas in the UK at all. Currently, though, concrete plans for the film’s worldwide distribution are unclear.

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