Re-enchanting the World

Carl Jung once said that the gods we have expelled from our psyche come back to us in the guise of diseases (and, we might add, ecological disasters). Only the contact with the numinous can make us whole and enable us to navigate the tremendous challenges of the Anthropocene. 

By focusing exclusively on the measurable aspects of the world modern science has gained immense technological power, but it has lost the living quality of experience and the intimate participation in the web of life.

The June 2019 Pari Dialogue will invite archetypes of wholeness to our discussions as we work toward a return of the world soul.


Poetry, Inspiration, and Synchronicity
Richard Berengarten

Deep Ecology: The Enchanted Compass
Andrew Fellows

On the Edge of Destruction or the Border of “Renaissance”? Soul and Earth facing a global challenge
Elena Liotta

Jung’s Critical Holism
Roderick Main

Vocatus atque non vocatus
Shantena Augusto Sabbadini

The Sense of Wonder: Being Connected with the Enchanted World
Yuriko Sato