Events 2019

April 25 – 28, 2019   Weekend Among Friends: Small changes making big differences.
A Tribute to the Other and Elsewhere
We need to make some changes in the way we live, work and run our world if we want to realise wellbeing for all in harmony with the earth. Making a difference in this requires working with others and elsewhere. With people and organisations different from who and where you are and with species and ecosystems anywhere on earth.

This year’s weekend among friends, we explore other ways and other spaces of thinking, living and working. We look at change as a cooperative act, as a process of becoming with each other, based on relationships between beings, organisations, places, cultures, and ecosystems. Relationships that invite us to move beyond our own way of thinking, acting and imagining. We invite ourselves to engage with the other and stay with the trouble this might bring.

How can we reach out, meet, understand and relate with the other and elsewhere? How can we be responsive to wisdom, experiences and expressions beyond out own. Are we able to invite the stranger and unknown in?  How can we weave new ways of living working and organising out of variety and diversity, based on empathy and the embracing of the other and elsewhere.

We would like to invite you April 25-28 2019 to the beautiful little village of Pari, Italy, to join us for this weekend and to meet with old and new friends. The landscape and community, the Pari Center and Pari Networks all represent a container in which one feels invited to have good conversations and to enjoy the company of our Pari friends, the  good Italian food and wine, and of course the Tuscan sun and culture.
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May 2 – 5, 2019    Art of Organizing
A Metanoia workshop that will discover questions and themes that appear when people organize their co-work at any context.
Closed to the public.

June 2019   Reenchanting the World: Narratives for Wholeness
By focusing exclusively on the measurable and reproducible aspects of the world modern science has gained immense technological power, but it has lost the living quality of experience and the intimate participation in the web of life. Only the contact with the numinous dimension of reality can provide us with a compass to navigate the tremendous challenges of the technical era. This Pari Dialogue will focus on archetypes of wholeness for a return of the world soul.
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August 29 – September 4, 2019   Pathways to the Future: Exploring Approaches to Wholeness
How can we bring about a future that respects the Earth and that nurtures the wellbeing of all?

The Pari Dialogue of 2019 considers this challenge. Through seminars, exploratory discussions and practical sessions, we will examine humanity’s current situation and explore key factors for the co-creation of a future that respects our planet and benefits all. Together with leaders in key areas—physics, economics, the arts, cultural studies, ecology—we invite participants to envision an emerging holistic future.  

Join us as we follow in a spirit that honours these attitudes and the work of David Bohm, as we explore together pathways to a holistic future.
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October 11 – 13, 2019   Be an Effective Leader
In this three day seminar, we work on inner balance and ways how to stabilize the access to your inner knowledge, your creative power. You’ll gain stamina, inner strength and wisdom. Especially in times of disruptive change, you’ll benefit from an increased awareness level with which to master life.
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