Album Reviews

D.O. – ‘Expectation’ review: a tale of love and loss from K-pop’s smoothest crooner

The EXO member’s masterful vocals continue to shine bright on his second solo project

Stephen Sanchez – ‘Angel Face’ review: deft musical storytelling

Three months on from a star-making appearance alongside Elton John at Glastonbury, the modern crooner delivers a solid debut

Doja Cat – ‘Scarlet’ review: her dark, twisted fantasy

The provocateur doesn't want you to like her. But with a Number One hit and a memorable fourth album, the attention is unlikely to wane

Kylie Minogue – ‘Tension’ review: up there with her best

Get outta her way, Kylie's back with another high-energy blast of dance-pop that's more than just hit single 'Padam Padam'

Chappell Roan – ‘The Rise And Fall Of A Midwest Princess’ review: unabashedly fun anthems

The ascendant star prioritises sheer pleasure on a bratty, wacky record of huge pop bangers

CHAI – ‘CHAI’ review: glittery, innovative city pop

With their self-titled album the Japanese four-piece draws inspiration from their heritage while boldly dancing forward

yeule – ‘softscars’ review: operating miles ahead of their peers

The Singaporean-born, London-based artist’s third album sheds the high-concept for humanity

Loossemble – ‘Loossemble’ review: a charming re-introduction

The girl group bring the same magic that made us fall in love with them the first time

Loraine James – ‘Gentle Confrontation’ review: an inventive achievement

The electronic producer's latest album pushes the boundaries of sound and vulnerability

The National – ‘Laugh Track’ review: a heavier companion record

The band follow up April’s ‘First Two Pages of Frankenstein’ with a surprise companion record that’s more immediate than its predecessor